Transforming  individuals, families and communities by building relationships and growing businesses.


Hermanus Siyakha (“Together we are building”) is an initiative of the people of Hermanus to build bridges between the communities of the region, grow entrepreneurship and develop sustainable businesses and alleviate poverty by advancing funds to micro-business owners for the advancement of their business.  In so doing Hermanus Siyakha is committed to improving the lives of families and creating employment.  It aims to identify deserving entrepreneurs and provide them with coaching and mentorship to enhance their businesses and improve the lives of their families and community.

This initiative is managed by volunteers and targets the poorest communities with a special emphasis on women and single-parent households.  It enjoys the support of churches, NGOs and prominent members of the community.

Financial access is provided by way of interest-free loans (and in certain circumstances, grants) for active and emerging entrepreneurs in poor communities, after a careful screening process.  Loans are disbursed to these individuals and a repayment schedule negotiated that will allow for full repayment of the loan over a reasonable and agreed period of time.   All contributions are paid out in full as loans or grants; administrative costs are covered by general donations and sponsorship.